Pre-Raphaelite Muses International Calendar 2015 

The Pre-Raphaelite Muses International Calendar 2015 is a new high quality A3 art calendar.


The calendar features photographs of modern Pre-Raphaelite Muses from all over the world. Each photograph has taken inspiration from the Muse’s love of the Pre-Raphaelite artistic style and the famous Pre-Raphaelite Muses from the 19th Century who modelled for the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood’s paintings. Every photograph used has been taken specifically for this unique art calendar and permission has been granted by the copyright holder of each image for use in this calendar.

Each Muse in this calendar holds a special type of beauty that is described as ‘Pre-Raphaelite’. Apart from all being artists’ models who pose in the Pre-Raphaelite style for photography, paintings and drawings, they are also artists themselves and inspire others through their being and ideals. All the Muses in this calendar were chosen not only for their beauty and artistic endeavours, but also because they have a passion for Pre-Raphaelite art.


The cover features three Muses who are sisters from the Isle of Islay, Scotland.


The calendar is A3 size (42cm by 29,7cm). When folded out to show two pages together equals A2, 59.4cm. Printed in the UK, it has an FSC label showing that the paper was sourced responsibly.

As a special art calendar quality was extremely important and so it has been made with high quality gloss paper. 

This is a very impressive calendar to display. As well as a beautiful photo for each month, you will be able to read a little bit about each muse such as where they are from, and their art, as well as the photo credits and websites to find out more. There is a page at the beginning of the calendar explaining all about Pre-Raphaelite art and Muses. So, it is a wonderful gift, even if you are giving it to someone who may not be familiar with Pre-Raphaelite art, as they can learn about it.